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The one in the very middle, with the sweater on, is named "Benjamin" owned by a lady in California   He flew via delta airlines. His full weight at maturity is 2 pounds and nine ounces.

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Breeder List with the Anika's Bloodlines

COWBOY POMS has the sister to Cookie.
Cowboyz Poms and Chis Bitts Fitt Ranch Chihuahuas
Highland's Chihuahuas

There are many "Anika's " in  these show dog's pedigrees

Mischief Kennels

More ,Anika's Chihuahuas Breeder Links:

Crossroads Chihuahuas

Shasta Valley Kennels

Cove Creek Chihuahuas

Hi-C Chihuahuas

Chihuahua Kisses Website

Warteena's Chihuahuas

DWL Chihuahuas


Anika's Chihuahuas
Anika's Chihuahuas